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Back At It Again

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

I am finally moving back to my house after renting it out for over 8 years! Initially, I was excited and already planning in my head all the décor and accents I wanted to buy before actually seeing it. The day came for my final inspection with the renters and when I walked through the door it hit me! This was not going to be a simple décor fix, I would have a lot of work in store because it was not livable for someone like me. FYI, I like to describe myself as a bougie wanderlust.

Here is a snippet of how it looked:

So now, I have a myriad of small renovations to plan but first on the list was remediating the mold in the bathroom. I found ZeroMold who took care of it in one day. Then, I wanted to replace the carpet in the bedrooms. Luna came out and installed it in less than one hour.

I tried to get the walls painted in the bedrooms before installation of the new carpet but was only successful in getting my room painted, which forced me to focus on one room at a time. I have big plans for creating a bohemian oasis in my bedroom and I am close to unveiling the final product but, for now, I will show you the stages I have gone through in making this drab to fab.

My color palette is green, orange and cream/white. For my accent wall, I found this beautiful dark shade of green from HGTV Sherwin Williams called Bucolic Green. I also went with a Burnt Orange bed frame from Amazon that really makes a statement. I replaced my fan light with a natural seagrass teardrop pendant light from World Market and feel just fine about sacrificing some air conditioning for beauty. Then, I picked up a small faux palm tree from my local consignment store, Evolution Home, which was a steal! With these elements as my base, I was ready to map out a more detailed design, which includes rattan, wicker, macrame, fur and wood and bronze finishes.

Stay tuned for the final result!

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